O Freixo - Esteiro cleanup


Friday, may 05, 2023


08:30 h

Meeting point

Next to the fish market in O Freixo

Before the cleanup

State of the area

Cantidades de lixo:

Vermello: Bastante

Amarelo: Algún

Azul: pouco

The map shows the amounts of trash detected in the cleaning area

Cleanup sectors


The area of action extends from O Freixo  to Esteiro. It is divided into 11 zones (A, B, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K and Classification) (See map of cleaning zones). The waste classification area was set up next to the fish market building in O Freixo.

Each zone has a group of participants associated with the corresponding coordinators.

Get ready at 08:30 a.m. at the meeting point. From here groups A, B and D will walk to the different cleaning areas. The rest of the goups will go by car. Since the parking area is limited, sharing cars is strongly recommended. At the end of the cleanup, we will return to the classification area to help and to sign the attendance report as it will be needed to justify our participation in the cleanup.

Required material

  • 2 small bags
  • work gloves
  • Guild’s surveillance vest
  • suitable clothing/footwear (zones H and I have canes that will be wet)
  • protective glasses  (as far as possibl; only in sections H and I where there are canes)
  • razor sharp for cutting tangled ropes
  • bucket
  • Small sack to dig up waste.

Waste to collect

  • Plastics (big, small and tiny!)
  • rubber
  • glass
  • porcelain
  • tiles
  • Metal
  • textiles
  • Treated/painted wood (pallets, boat parts, etc.)
We won’t collect:
  • Organic waste
  • Construction debris
In this cleanup we will focus on collecting small trash, so it is important that you bring two small bags from home.

Storage points

  1. Entrance of Playa Picouso.
  2. Middle of the boardwalk (there’s an entrance for vahicles).
  3. Next to Mariscos Ramais.
  4. Next to the old concession (there’s an entrance for vahicles).
  5. Hatchery’s road.
  6. Detour to the beach.
  7. Parameán beach.
  8. Esteiro beach parking.
  9. Road to the fish market of  Esteiro.

Distribution of Groups

Se distribuyen en el punto de encuentro. Con cada grupo irá un coordinador como mínimo. (P= persoas)

A: 15 P Playa Picouso.

B: 25 P Lonja de O Freixo – nave Mariscos Ramais.

D: 15 P Nave mariscos Ramais – antes del muro del aserradero.

E: 25 P Playa de Cotarín y entorno (criadero).

F: 10 P Playa de Arnela.

G: 15 P Playa de Porto de Boix y entorno (isla de la Creba).

H: 40 P Playa Parameán (ensenada de Esteiro).

I: 20 P Playa de Esteiro (ensenada de Esteiro).

J: 30 P Bancos de Esteiro I.

J: 45 P Bancos de Esteiro II.

Clasificación: 10 P En O Freixo, junto al edificio de la lonja.


Things to take into account

  • Attention to unknown liquids. Do not pour!
  • Bulky, transport without putting them in bags.
  • We also collect small pieces of plastic (there are many), as they are the first ones to enter the food chain and can end up affecting the seafood.
  • NEVER PUT IN A BAG MIXED WITH OTHER GARBAGE the syringes we may find. We’ll take them to the group coordinator

The cleanup


People tha took part:



Removed waste:

3.430 Kg

53.443 objects

467 objects

150 kg


41.412 objects

920 kg


508 objects

150 kg


10.681 objects

95 kg

Glass & ceramics

95 objects

450 kg


280 objects

1.665 kg

Concello de Noia
Berberecho de Noia
Liceo de Noia
Asoc. Mar de Noia
Concello de Outes
Azul de Portosín
Confraría Portosín
Concello de Porto do Son
Concello de Muros
Museo de memoria mariñeira
Asoc. A Creba. Saúde mental
Asoc. Redeiras Portosín
Asoc. Empresarios Portosín
Veleiro Joaquín Vieta

Project supervisor:
Liliana Solís Pais

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